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There is a list of examples and contracted work in the gallery, in which we present out possibilities (with the permission of the client). Sometimes it is possible to download the file (stl, structure, photo).
If you want, you may inform us about your willingness to publish your work.

Gallery - Data base of STL and print 3d molecule

Name of molecule Description.. Image stl structure
Name of molecule Description.. Image stl structure
Graphene Graphene is carbon More Graphene 001_graphene.stl 001_graphene.pdb
HIV protease HIV protease - pdb structure 1ODW More HIV protease 002_proteaza_HIV.stl 002_proteaza_HIV.mol2
Vitamin D Receptor, VDR The calcitriol receptor, also known as.. More Vitamin D Receptor, VDR 003_vit_D_receptor.pdb
Acetaminophen It is the active substance which works effective as... More Acetaminophen 004_Acetaminophen.stl
Aspartame Aspartame is an organic compound, which belongs More Aspartame 005_aspartam.amf 005_aspartam.pdb
Aspirin is used as a drug More Aspirin 006_aspirin.gcode 006_aspirin.ent
Fullerene C70 carbon More Fullerene C70 007_fullerenc70.stl 007_c70.pdb
Meloxicam Meloxicam is a multifunctional organic compound More Meloxicam 008_meloxivam_ok2.stl
Carbon nanotube A carbon nanotube is a structure of the form of hollow cylinders More Carbon nanotube 009_carbontube.stl
Diamont Diamond is less stable than graphite More Diamont 010_diamond.stl 010_diamond.pdb
Adenosine Adenosine (ADO) is a purine nucleoside composed of a molecule More Adenosine 011_adenosine.bfbe 011_adenosine.pdb
Ethanol ethyl alcohol, More Ethanol 012_etanol.bfe

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