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Nowadays visualization of molecules using 3D printing is one of the most leading usability of 3D printers in science. It is an interesting complement to experimental and theoretical studies. Models may be different from Ball and Stick, Van der Vaals sphere to molecular, electrostatic potential. Visualization of the structures of proteins, ribonucleic acids or nano materials gives new opportunities for its analysis and design. Our company offers print of molecule already designed and delivered by the customer. We also have tools for modeling - so that we can do the calculation for clients who only have patterns of molecules.
RootInnovation sp o.o. specializing in providing innovative solutions for business and academic centers as the first in Poland and in Europe introduced the opportunity to order the spatial structures on-line. Currently company has two professional printers and two extruders.

Years of experience in molecular modeling and first in Poland portal about molecular modeling ( allowed me to start a large-scale professional 3D molecular printing in 2013. Disposition of professional software, knowledge and useful skills of the company provides preparation of the model from the beginning. The calculation of necessary parameters (e.g. optimalisation, physic-chemical, spectroscopic, electronic characteristic etc.) can be then used to explain their properties and phenomena. Moreover company provide training in Practical School of Modeling - a series of useful workshops. As an advantage, all of investigation can be innovation visualised by 2D and 3D printing.

Application of 3D printed models are:

-in education:

  • molecules visualization
  • modeling of reaction path
  • solvatation model
  • studies of enzyme-ligand interactions
  • models of salt formation
  • stereochemistry
  • science terminology

-in research and development laboratories:

  • manual docking of proteins
  • in materials engineering - design of materials like graphene, fullerene
  • in absorption process
  • in the pore size determining
  • in design of catalysts
  • in spintronics
  • modeling of molecular gear
  • scientific presentation

-in marketing

  • marketing materials
  • presentations
  • illustrations of the occurring phenomena
  • spatial models
  • illustrations for magazines and articles


  • jewelry
  • souvenirs
  • art animation
  • gifts for supervisor

'." We would like to invite you to order a print or calculation. We approach individually to every project. We offer reasonable price and fast delivery time. To realize the order we don't require special files like .stl - name or the structure of the compound is enough.

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